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2 April 2017

The Results Speak for Themselves

The Results Speak for Themselves

Recently the city of Naperville released the results of the citizens satisfaction survey that was conducted last year. Naperville improved in so many areas and I am so proud to have been part of the City Council team that oversaw these improvements. If you haven't yet taken a look at the report, I urge you to do so.

As a member of the Naperville City Council, I know how hard we've worked to bring about these improvements. Take a look at what your neighbors had to say:

Significant Increases. The results of the City of Naperville improved in 69 of the 94 areas that were assessed from 2012, 31 of which were significant increases (increase of more than 3%). The top 10 most significant increases are listed below:
1. City efforts to provide information to you during emergency situations (+23%)
2. Quality of non‐emergency police services (+15%)
3. Feeling of safety in downtown Naperville after 10 pm (+13%)
4. City efforts to use social media and emerging technology to keep you informed (+12%)
5. Reducing use of energy in city operations (+10%)
6. City efforts to ensure the community is prepared for a disaster or crisis (+9%)
7. Efforts of the city for Emergency Preparedness (+8%)
8. Animal control services (+8%)
9. City’s parkway tree trimming program (+8%)
10. Ease of north/south travel in the Naperville (+7%)

Of course no place is perfect and we have room for improvement. The citizens of Naperville want to see some things improve and that is why I want to return to my job in the City Council for one more term.

Significant Decreases. The results of the City of Naperville decreased in 23 of the 94 areas that were assessed from 2012, nine of which were significant decreases (decrease of more than 3%). The top 10 most significant decreases are listed on the following page:

1. Providing ways for the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (‐7%)
2. Overall value that you receive for electrical utility rates (‐7%)
3. Maintenance of street signs, pavements, and markings (‐6%)
4. Overall value that you receive for water and wastewater utility rates (6%)
5. Curbside bulk leaf removal service (‐5%)
6. Household hazardous waste disposal services (for motor oil, pesticides, etc.) (‐5%)
7. How quickly the City restores power after an unplanned outage (‐4%)
8. How well the City keeps you informed about planned disruptions to
electric utility services (‐4%)
9. Traffic conditions in your neighborhood relative to speed and traffic amount (‐3%)
10. Maintenance of major City streets (‐3%)

I'm ready to continue working for Naperville. Please support my re-election by voting for Judith Brodhead in the #1 ballot position on April 4. 



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